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Qatar Sustainability Week, a National Campaign by Qatar Green Building Council aims to engage the community in a wide range of sustainability-oriented activities. The week is a unique platform to promote the nation’s sustainability vision as well as community engagement with relevant stakeholders. The week enables stakeholders to showcase the efforts of Qatar’s public and private sectors in providing the support, coordination and expert advice needed to unite under an overarching umbrella to achieve the nation’s sustainable development goals.

To celebrate the 6th edition of Qatar Sustainability Week, in addition to the numerous initiatives taken by the State of Qatar to achieve the nation’s environmental and sustainable development goals, we would like people to come together to create a movement for change. Individuals and corporates can match power and passion with action to make a difference. Pledge your action for a better tomorrow.

How can I participate

As an individual

Register your pledge to make changes in your lifestyle for your health, wellbeing, economy, future, and the planet we live on.

Attend events from various categories that extend your knowledge about sustainability. Our events vary from educational, entertainment, conferences, or even competitions. You can check this year’s events from the events page.

As a corporate

Become a partner and Register the company’s pledge to make changes in your office for the health, wellbeing, economy, future, and the planet we live on.

Become a partner and Register your activity/initiative/event by completing the online registration form with your activity information and contact details. The Activity has to be related to one or more aspects of sustainability. Applications will be reviewed and published within 3 working days.

Frequently asked questions

What is QSW?

Qatar Sustainability Week is a National Campaign that aims to engage the community in a wide range of sustainability-related activities to achieve the global sustainability goals outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030.

What Can I Do in QSW 2021?

As an individual participant, you can take part in a movement for change and register your pledge to change to a more sustainable lifestyle. You can also attend events that extend your knowledge about sustainability.

As a company, you can become a QSW partner and register your pledge for your sustainability actions and/or register your sustainability-related initiative/activity/event to be published on the QSW website.

Who Can Become a QSW Partner?

Whether you are a government or private entity, hotel, restaurant, university, school or a community group, you can participate in Qatar Sustainability Week.

What Are My Roles and Responsibilities as a Partner in QSW?

As soon as your register your pledge or activity and it is published on our website, you will receive a pack informing you of your roles and responsibilities as a partner in Qatar Sustainability Week.

Why Become a QSW Partner?

This will be an excellent chance to showcase what you are already doing or planning to do to raise awareness within your community and to implement actions to become more sustainable. You will also receive additional coverage on social media and media as a leader in this movement.


For any enquiries, please send an email to outreach@qatargbc.org.